Arena 6 Week Challenge


Our coach-led Arena classes – developed by fitness experts and based on HIIT and functional training methods – have been developed to help you burn fat, lose weight and build strength. They’re fast-paced, intense workouts set to pumping music and visuals.

They’re also the perfect way to get fit, fast so we’ve set up the 6 Week Challenge to help you use Arena to push yourself towards your fitness goals.

An Arena class will help you burn up to 900 calories in just 45 minutes, and the HIIT & functional foundations of our classes will ensure you keep burning fat and calories for hours after each class! Our workouts change every week so you’ll never do the same workout two days in a row.

There are huge prizes up for grabs – the challenge is judged on your before and after measurements, fitness testing, body composition change, and attendance.


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Are you up for a Challenge?

Push your limits and reach your fitness goals with the Arena 6 Week Challenge. Coach-led group training with nutritional support to help you burn fat and boost your fitness.

What do I get?

  • Entry into the 6 Week Challenge
  • Fitness photo shoot (photos taken at Carindale
    Arena by professional Fitness Photographer)
  • Saturday Champions classes
    (exclusive to Challenge Participants)
  • Sponsor Sample Bag
  • Nutritional assessment with a dietician (includes a current overview of nutritional status, troubleshooting strategies and tailored suggestions for the 6 weeks)
  • Access to exclusive social media support group
  • eBook full of recipes and inner strength motivation
  • Club prizes
  • Before and after photos, measurements and fitness testing
  • End of challenge celebration & presentation breakfast


For 1 male and 1 female per club:

  • Supplement Prize Pack
  • Free entry into the next Arena Challenge
  • Arena Prize Pack including a 3 month Superclub Membership worth over $500!

Key Dates:

Friday 2nd – 6th February Challenge starts
Fitness testing and measurements
Friday 16th – 20th March Challenge Finishes
Fitness testing and measurements
Saturday 24th March Presentation and Prize Breakfast

I’m new to HIIT. What does it involve?

Our workouts involve bodyweight exercises; explosive movements like jumps, sprawls and burpees; as well as making use of equipment like TRX straps, boxing bags, grapple dummies, dumbbells, bands, plyo boxes, sandbags, bosu balls, weights, floor to ceiling ball, smart bars, and agility ladders. Every class is designed and sequenced with periods of exercise and breaks to work out your entire body for maximum results. You can go through the workouts with a partner, or solo. Many of our classes feature group exercise elements.

Where do I find the Timetables?

You can find the timetables on our website here: Or you can also see these classes available on the Go health clubs website at

7 Days Free Trail

Get the full Arena experience by trialling any one of our classes during this 7 day free trial.