The Arena

Why Arena?

Why Arena Fitness MMA?

At Arena, we host a wide range of fitness programs inspired by MMA. This means HIIT, Functional or Strength Conditioning training that keeps you fit, without getting hit. We are a completely non-contact training solution and every class can be taken by a beginner, intermediate or advanced level member. We also have specialised kids classes available (selected clubs only). Our Championship Series, has been designed exclusively for Arena by fitness experts and focused on high intensity interval training for burning bulk calories.

What Arena Fitness MMA will do:

  • Find purpose and discipline
  • Create sense of team spirit
  • Build confidence
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Improve strength, power and fitness
  • Improve self defence
  • Track progress
  • Works for all skill levels

Innovative & Unique Training Centers

Arena Fitness MMA clubs are an industry first in design and functionality. We’ve designed our MMA zones with members in mind, so that you can get the most out of our programs every time you visit.

Arena clubs only use the best equipment, including SMAI pads and grapple dummies. Some of our clubs have extra functional training zones on top of this and bag zones for boxing practice.

Regular gyms don’t even compare to the experience you have inside an Arena. Our team mentality is everything, so we designed the clubs openly so we can cheer each other on. Our training zone is home to self-improvement and we can’t wait to share it with you.

State of the Art Training Centres


Alisha Fox

Alisha has always loved the discipline training style of boxing and kickboxing and the high intensity and mental focus it brings with it. She loves seeing the confidence it brings out in people. Her coaching style will ensure you get

Karlee Lowe

Karlee has a love for group fitness and HIIT training and with the Arena classes being a combo of both, she wanted to be part of that and share her passion for this with others. She loves the sense of

Anita Finlayson

Anita decided to coach at Arena so can help members achieve their fitness goals by becoming fitter each week. She loves that the Arena training suits everyone’s fitness abilities so anyone can jump on in and smash out a session.

Maria Reko

With over 10 years fitness industry experience and 2 years of boxing & Muay Thai training, Maria is no stranger to this style of training. Her coaching style is upbeat, energetic, powerful and fun! She loves seeing people improve and

What People Say

I love working out at Arena because it’s such a positive, team-based environment. I used to train at a 24hr gym, it was boring and I didn’t know anyone. At Arena I’ve made heaps of new friends and who help keep me motivated. I would recommend Arena to everyone.

- Kim

I was a little intimidated to try MMA at first but training at Arena is so different. The training here is not like the MMA that you see on TV. It’s non-contact so you don’t get hit or have to hit anyone else. I’ve learned so many self-defence skills and the Total Fighter program has got me into the best shape of my life.

- Erica

The Arena Coaches are excellent they make MMA fun. They not only push me to my limits but the self-defence skills they’ve taught me has given me more confidence in my everyday life.

- Crystal

Arena is the best training experience I’ve ever had! Everyone is so friendly here and holds you accountable. I love that the classes are small so you really get to know your teammates and coaches well. I chose Arena over a regular gym because I get the best of both worlds here. I get unlimited training sessions AND access to all the best gym equipment too.

- Rachel

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