8 Week Bootcamp



The Arena 8 Week Boot Camp is a high impact program focusing on intense fat burning and strength building in a community-based environment to achieve maximum results. This Boot Camp is ideal for anyone who would benefit from a highly motivating environment where you are encouraged every step of the way.

With the help of expert coaches, an advanced nutrition plan, and a support network of workout warriors, this is the perfect way to build a healthy, more sustainable routine. This Boot Camp is suitable for both beginners that are in need of a fresh start, as well as more advanced individuals that want to take their fitness to a new level in a fun, yet challenging community environment.

Includes exclusive boxing boot camp sessions, fitness testing, meal plan, recipes, and much much more! Don’t miss out – Reserve your place today by registering below.




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Results are judged on a combination of fitness testing, attendance, and before & after pictures. There will be 4 winners selected per club and 1 male and 1 female winner per state.

What do I get?

Entry into the 8 Week Boot Camp
Advanced online nutrition portal including meal plan, recipes and meal swaps
Exclusive Boxing boot camps sessions every week
Access to an exclusive Facebook support group
Fitness Testing – before and after


4 winners per club
Prizes include:
Free entry into the next Arena Boot Camp
Arena prize pack including a 3 month membership

Terms & Conditions

The Arena 8 Week Boot Camp is free for all existing Arena members. For non-Arena members, the Boot Camp is $299 which covers the cost of a 2 month Arena membership as well as all Boot Camp inclusions.
This is delivered through the online portal that you receive access to in the week prior to the commencement of the Boot Camp. This includes recipes, shopping lists, and meal swap options to keep you on track.
The weekly Boot Camps will be held over a few unique time slots each week to give everyone the best chance of attending one. We recommend that participants attend at least one boxing Boot Camp per week to get the best results, however they are not compulsory. These sessions are booked through the normal Arena booking system. We recommend that all participants bring their own gloves to these sessions and wraps/inners. There will be only a limited amount of spares available in each Arena.
During the fitness testing session you will receive an attendance card from your coach. Each Class, Bootcamp session, completed Social Task will receive a signature on the attendance card by the coach. When a card is full (10 signatures) the participant puts their details on the card and can get another card to complete. The more cards the more chances to WIN!
Each club will have a day for ‘before’ and a day for ‘after’ fitness testing. Your reps will be counted on a variety of exercises, and the same will be done after the Boot Camp to track how much your fitness has improved in the 8 Weeks. This is important to complete as this result is factored into your results for the overall male/female overall winner. Fitness testing time slots for each club will be added to the booking system so that you can book in at a time slot that suits you.
Human Body Scanning is not included in the Boot Camp package. However, you do have the option of booking your own ‘before’ and ‘after’ body scan for an additional fee. There will be a designated day for this at each club before and after Boot Camp for those interested. BOOK NOW
To be eligible to win in the category of male/female overall winner, and also to see your transformation visibly, please submit a before and after photo. These must be clear, high-quality images with good lighting to be eligible for submission (low-quality images will not be accepted if you wish to be eligible to win). Details of when and how to complete this will be sent before the Boot Camp starts.
Photo requirements:

Front, back and side profile shots (Full body, arms down, no posing)
Must be in tight clothing or bathers
Standing in front of a plain white wall is preferred (In-doors)

There will be 4 winners selected per club and 1 male and female overall winner per state (QLD, VIC, SA and WA)
1. One male and one female overall winner. This is judged on a combination of fitness testing, weigh-ins and before & after photos (Each club winner will eligible for the Overall state prize)
2. One Arena star winner per club. To be eligible to win this prize, you need to have completed and submitted a minimum of one attendance card. The more cards you submit, the more chance you have of winning. Winner will be selected at random from all submissions.
3. One body composition winner. To be eligible for this particular prize, you need to have purchased and participated in a before and after body scan.

Need more info?

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I’m new to HIIT. What does it involve?

Our workouts involve bodyweight exercises; explosive movements like jumps, sprawls and burpees; as well as making use of equipment like TRX straps, boxing bags, grapple dummies, dumbbells, bands, plyo boxes, sandbags, bosu balls, weights, floor to ceiling ball, smart bars, and agility ladders. Every class is designed and sequenced with periods of exercise and breaks to work out your entire body for maximum results. You can go through the workouts with a partner, or solo. Many of our classes feature group exercise elements.

Where do I find the Timetables?

You can find the timetables on our website here: https://www.arenafitnessmma.com.au/timetables/