8 Week Bootcamp – Champions Round

Terms & Conditions

During the Fitness Testing Session you will receive an attendance card from your coach. You must keep this attendance card safe and submit it at the final fitness testing at the end of the 6 weeks. At the end of each class you will need to obtain a signature confimin your attendance by the Arena Coach. All Boot Camp participants must attend a minimum of 3 Arena sessions per week to be eligible to win.
Each club will have 1 day for before and 1 day for the final body scans. If you are unable to attend you club during the designated times you have the option of booking in at another Arena facility to complete. If that does not suit you have the option to forgo the scan or a coach can do a 5-point girth measure for you during the fitness testing session. Human Body Scanning will provide advice to participants on the most accurate testing conditions and interpretation of the results. Participants who are unable to complete the Body Scanning can still complete the 8 Week Boot Camp and associated activities, they also qualify to achieve the Boot Camp Tank, however they will not be eligible for any overall club prizes.
There will be one male and one female winner selected from each club based on their overall transformation. There will also be an additional winner (male or female) that wins the Arena Superstar prize. To determine the transformation winners for the 8 Week Boot Camp the final score will be based on a combination of before and after body scans, before and after fitness testing, and attendance. The winner must have completed the attendance card with a minimum of 3 classes per week signed off by the coach. To determine the fitness testing results, the final scoring will be based on the overall % improvement from the before fitness testing and the final fitness testing.

I’m new to HIIT. What does it involve?

Our workouts involve bodyweight exercises; explosive movements like jumps, sprawls and burpees; as well as making use of equipment like TRX straps, boxing bags, grapple dummies, dumbbells, bands, plyo boxes, sandbags, bosu balls, weights, floor to ceiling ball, smart bars, and agility ladders. Every class is designed and sequenced with periods of exercise and breaks to work out your entire body for maximum results. You can go through the workouts with a partner, or solo. Many of our classes feature group exercise elements.

Where do I find the Timetables?

You can find the timetables on our website here: https://www.arenafitnessmma.com.au/timetables/

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