Arena Fitness Beenleigh

Arena Fitness Beenleigh

Get ready for Arena Fitness at Beenleigh! The epitome of functional training, Arena Fitness is a fully coach-led, high intensity training program where you challenge your body in new and exciting ways to achieve faster results. Use a variety of the best equipment as you move from station to station putting your fitness to the test with a team of like-minded, dedicated people.

Kettlebells, boxing gloves, punch bags, resistance bands and agility ladders are just a taste of what you can expect to see in your standard Arena class. The Arena Championship Series will keep you on your toes varying across functional, strength, fitness, plyometrics and agility training.

Arena Beenleigh will be located within Goodlife Health Clubs at Beenleigh. For more information about this club and its facilities, visit here:

Goodlife Health Clubs
77 George St, Beenleigh 
Staffed hours:
Monday – Friday: 5:15am – 8.00pm
Saturday: 7:30am – 10.00am
Arena Fitness MMA Beenleigh


Get Results & Build Confidence


Team up with arena for this feel good, high intensity, full body blast. MMA HIIT is structured to take you to a place where you get maximum calorie burn fast. Using Thai Pads, Shields, Bags, Grapple Dummies and other specialty equipment, you’ll punch, kick, push, pull and move through an electrifying conditioning workout like no other.


Elite Level Coaches

Strength HIIT

Using all the equipment and drills that MMA fighters use, the coach will motivate you through this strength and resistance based session. Working in intervals, combining strength and movement, these exercises will focus on major muscle groups to accelerate your development while giving you a huge anaerobic cardio blast.

Specialty Programs

Total Fighter Ultimate

Engage your brain as you combine the elements of both Striking and Ground into one supercharged session. This session encompasses pad-work and bags for striking while mixing it up with ground dummy work and grappling maneuvers. All the best elements of MMA training are on show in this intense and inspiring session.



kids mma program

Little Ninjas & Samurais

In tandem with the skill and fitness development, the coaches teach the Little Ninjas (ages 4-7) and Samurais (ages 8-11) the 5 stars of Arena’s code of Honour: Friendship, Humility, Courage, Self-Worth and Confidence. Most importantly, our Little Ninjas and Samurais have fun while learning fundamental martial art components!