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  • Cut weight, get shredded
  • High Intensity
  • Group classes – stay motivated
  • Train differently and learn new skills

burn fat. kick ass.


If you are looking for an unforgettable workout experience, look no further than FIT SERIES by Arena – a coach led, team training session that will give you maximum results in minimum time. In just 30 minutes, you’ll sweat your way through 8 stations and work your whole body from head to toes, and you won’t do it alone!

Alongside your team of like-minded, goal-oriented, workout warriors, you’ll be backed by the guidance, support and motivation of your energetic and dynamic coach, who will help you meet and exceed your goals!


  • Coach-led HIIT and functional training workouts
  • 30 minute, high-intensity classes with motivational music
  • Circuit style workouts that are always changing with the assistance of demo screens as well as an Arena coach.
  • 6 body-pumping workouts with one running each day from Monday to Friday.



THE KRAKEN focuses on high intensity Tabata training to build endurance and push your anaerobic threshold with short bursts of training and quick recovery times with two CORE finishers at the end for a full body workout.


TITAN will place your muscles under pressure to sculpt your body and increase your strength while burning lots of calories along the way. Your endurance is then put to the test in the HANG TOUGH kicker.


In PODIUM you will focus on the fundamentals of athletic training to level up your fitness and develop high end performance before earning all-star status in the DROP IT kicker at the end.


AFTERBURN will see you sweat your way through a series of challenging stations designed to step up your overall fitness, burn lots of calories during and after the class and create change in your body composition. Watch out for the DOMINO kicker at the end of each 8 station circuit.


In HURRICANE you will focus on putting your muscles under tension in Strength stations to help build unrivaled quickness in the Speed stations culminating in the challenging TWISTER kicker to push your upper limits.


THE WORKS is designed to give you a mix of big compound metabolic conditioning exercises. We work multiple muscle groups on each station to achieve a complete full body workout with the coaches call kicker ROGUE at the end.


This class puts you in PURSUIT of your fitness as you race the clock and strive to complete a bodyweight qualifier on every station before maxing out the remainder of the interval with a full body equipment based exercise. Your endurance will also be put to the test twice in the THE CHASE beep test - once at the half-way mark and once at the end.

What is it?

We developed the FIT SERIES as a range of coach-led HIIT & Functional small group training classes at Arena. You’ll work out to music in set intervals with exercises developed by our fitness team for maximum results over 30 minutes.

Why should I do it?

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the process of doing high intensity exercise alternating with a period of rest. It builds strength, coordination, and burns calories & fat. It will boost your heart rate, so it’s a great way to get fit – fast – and you’ll continue to burn fat for hours after your class. Arena is fast-paced and a real workout – a great way to kickstart your fitness again particularly if you’ve hit a training rut.

How does it differ from previous Arena classes?

We developed the Championship Series with more of a focus on HIIT and functional group training – with pumping music and visuals. At all times you can see a demonstration of your current exercise at a glance onscreen as well as your progress through the workout. These 45 minute classes are accessible for all fitness levels, and coaches are always there to guide you. We’ve integrated MYZONE heart-rate straps (optional purchase) into the program so you can push yourself to the limit – you can see your current heart rate and levels on screen at all times.

Do I need gloves & wraps?

Not necessarily. We will have some spare gloves at the boxing stations, however for your own personal hygiene you might want to bring your own to each class. You can buy wraps & gloves from reception at any club.

What is MYZONE?

Track your workout using these super comfortable and easy belts worn under your workout gear. Whether you’re in the gym watching your live feed, or out on the street viewing your tile through the MYZONE App, you can rest assured you’re earning MYZONE EFFORT PPOINTS (MEPs) and tracking your effort anywhere you go. By logging in to your MYZONE account on your computer or through the MYZONE App, you’ll be able to see minute-by-minute breakdowns of your exercise effort. Track your progress over time to gain more understanding about your workout habits. With built-in leaderboards, status rankings, and social integration, utilising your MYZONE makes it easier than ever to show off your progress. By using the MYZONE, you’ll have access to relevant effort-based data to help you push your limits and reach new heights. You can buy the MYZONE belts from reception at each club.

I’m new to HIIT. What does it involve?

Our workouts involve bodyweight exercises; explosive movements like jumps, sprawls and burpees; as well as making use of equipment like TRX straps, boxing bags, grapple dummies, dumbbells, bands, and plyo boxes. Every class is designed and sequenced with periods of exercise and breaks to work out your entire body for maximum results. You can go through the workouts with a partner, or solo. Many of our classes feature group exercise elements.

How do I try it?

First time users can use a free 7-day trial pass available here (registration link) or from reception. We rotate through all our class types in a week, so that’s plenty of time to try the range of workouts in the Series.

I’m a GO member. I want to try Arena!

Use a 7-day free trial pass here first or you can directly upgrade to a SUPERCLUB membership which will give you access to Arena, GO Health Clubs (with GO Plus1 Access to bring a mate with you during staffed hours!) and Yogabox hot yoga studio. You will need to see reception to find out the details around a membership upgrade.

You can find the timetables on our website here: Or you can also see these classes available on the Go health clubs website at

Where do I leave my stuff during class?

Each club has lockers that you can use outside the Arena area. However, we recommend you leave your valuables in the lockers provided in the change rooms. Be sure to bring your own padlock and key.

Where is Arena Championship Series available? Can I book in at any location?

Yes, you can. The series is available at Browns Plains, Carindale, Rothwell & Springwood.

How do I book in for my classes?

You can login to your Booking app account here: or click the Members link on the Arena Fitness MMA website.

Select the club in which you would like to train, then simply click the time you would like to book, and confirm booking. You will be sent an email with your bookings.

Note: On some Smart phone devices when registering, you might come across an issue where the Keyboard does not show up immediately. Press the arrow on the bottom left hand corner and it should pop up.

What if I need to cancel my class?

Simply log in to your Booking app account, and in the top right corner it shows MY BOOKINGS, find the one you want to cancel and click the Bin icon. It will ask you to confirm and you will then be sent a confirmation email about the cancellation.

We recommend that you try and cancel as soon as you know you cannot make the class. That way anyone on the waitlist can now join in!