How Functional Training Improves Body Composition

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How Functional Training Improves Body Composition

Why is it that functional training is taking over the fitness world? Maybe its the ridiculously fast results, the sustainable nature of the routines or because it brings people together in a fun, coach-led community environment! Functional training favours how human movement naturally occurs, so its no wonder it is fast becoming the workout of choice.


Functional training is a type of workout that involves training the body for daily life activities. These exercises equip your body to handle real-life situations. When an exercise is done without the use of machines, the stabilising muscles are activated to support the main muscles which are working to perform the task. Human movement doesn’t usually use just one muscle group at a time. By training for functionality, you are working your body the way it was designed to work. its therefore no wonder that our bodies respond so well to this type of training!


Your standard Arena functional training session will work up a serious sweat as you burn approximately 800 calories in just one workout. These classes are highly effective at burning fat, building strength and conditioning the entire body. It is easier to build a balanced physique with functional training that from focusing solely on isolating muscle groups.


Maximise the efficiency of your workout time with functional training. In only 45 minutes of your time, you will have worked your entire body in a combination of strength, functional and agility training. No wasting time here, lets get it done!


In functional training, most exercises involve core activation. Because your core is involved in nearly every exercise you do, your capabilities will improve as your core strengthens and vice versa, your core will strengthen the more you engage it in these movements.


Machine exercises are great for isolating muscles and mass building, but to increase overall strength, developing the stability muscles is crucial. Functional training incorporates your own body weight as resistance throughout the movements as well as incorporating free weights and resistance bands to improve strength.


Because machines are not used in these workouts, the body has to support itself which requires concentration on stability, engaging the core and improving alignment while correcting any imbalances that occur throughout. These exercises thus recruit and strengthen the additional muscles that assist a natural, correct posture.


Arena also works to develop flexibility and coordination through plyometrics and agility training which are incorporated into many of the workouts. Balance and stability is also a focus in these workouts which results in a well-rounded all-in-one fitness program that satisfies all the key requirements of strengthening and conditioning the body in a sage and managed fashion.

To get a full picture of everything that encompasses functional training, check out the full range of Arena classes which are ever changing. Your results will speak for themselves! For more information, contact

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