Intro To FIT SERIES Class Formats

Intro To FIT SERIES Class Formats

FIT SERIES is made up of a variety of class formats designed to push your fitness to the test and challenge your limits. There is a unique class format that runs each day from Monday to Saturday, however, these classes are constantly changing and evolving so you can too! Checkout the full breakdown here:


This class format is all about high intensity action for fast results. Push your limits with the ultimate high intensity workout. Sweat your way through a series of challenging stations designed to increase your heart rate, and torch some major calories.


Put your fitness to the test. This format is made up of alternating stations of strength and speed that train your body to move fast and with purpose.


The one is the power pusher! Improve muscle tone and increase strength with this resistance based training workout. Challenge your body in a variety of formats designed to achieve results fast.


The fusion of all workouts. This is a complete full body workout where each round is more challenging than the last. Want to up your training regime? Incorporate this 30 minutes of ultimate body-pumping intensity to blast calories and drive up your fitness levels.


Whether you’re an avid warrior or simply trying to step up your fitness, there is no better way of invigorating your training regime than by incorporating the best in agility training. Commonly utilised by athletes, this training style will enhance coordination, balance and speed.


Tabata is one of the more challenging FIT SERIES workouts. Tabata builds speed and explosive power with short bursts of exercise and quick recovery times. Put your body to the ultimate test with Tabata.

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