Our Coaches


Alisha Fox

Alisha has always loved the discipline training style of boxing and kickboxing and the high intensity and mental focus it brings with it. She loves seeing the confidence it brings out in people. Her coaching style will ensure you get

Anita Finlayson

Anita decided to coach at Arena so can help members achieve their fitness goals by becoming fitter each week. She loves that the Arena training suits everyone’s fitness abilities so anyone can jump on in and smash out a session.

Maria Reko

With over 10 years fitness industry experience and 2 years of boxing & Muay Thai training, Maria is no stranger to this style of training. Her coaching style is upbeat, energetic, powerful and fun! She loves seeing people improve and

Alex Van de Pitte

Alex is a Personal Trainer but has a particular interest in Muay Thai. He started boxing training from the age of 7, and his passion for the sport grew from there. His love for MMA and fitness led him to

Ben Kelleher

Ben is a 6 Time Champion across 3 different combat sports. He fights for Corporate Box Ipswich, Extreme Boxing Sunshine Coast & Arena. However, he wasn’t always a fighter, Ben started out as a Rugby Union player, but always had

Belinda Ross

Bell is a fitness addict, and Personal Trainer at Goodlife Health Clubs Rothwell. Her much love for boxing, punching and hitting things (mainly boxing bags) led her to becoming an Arena Coach. For Bell, her favourite thing about coaching others

Paul Stoylar

Paul is the head coach for MMA at Arena Fitness. For Paul, MMA is the most effective way to combine all martial arts practices and a great way to gain confidence and improve fitness. When working with Paul, people appreciate

Aleksandar Jovanovic

Aleksandar is interested in all Mixed Martial Arts but he has a particular interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Although he specialises in BJJ, he also has a background in Muay Thai and Boxing. People appreciate working with Aleksandar because he

Stacey Keene

Stacey specialises in Strength and Conditioning and Sports Specific Training. Although her interests lie in a wide range of sports such as MMA, Jujitsu, Soccer and Ice Hockey, her primary interest and specialty is Strength and Conditioning and Sports Specific Training.