Aleksandar Jovanovic

Aleksandar is interested in all Mixed Martial Arts but he has a particular interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Although he specialises in BJJ, he also has a background in Muay Thai and Boxing. People appreciate working with Aleksandar because he is approachable and works to make sure he is training his students effectively. Those who work with him know that Aleksandar has a way of breaking things down into simplistic form to make sure his students get everything they can out of working with him. For Aleksandar, the best thing about being a coach is passing on the knowledge and watching it get executed flawlessly. His training advice is to work hard and never quit. Once you overcome yourself, everything else will be easy.

Aleksandar sees Arena MMA as great place to work out because of its world class trainers – trainers that are dedicated to their students and can work with them in a state of the art facility.


Cert III in Fitness

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