Belinda Ross

Bell is a fitness addict, and Personal Trainer at Goodlife Health Clubs Rothwell. Her much love for boxing, punching and hitting things (mainly boxing bags) led her to becoming an Arena Coach. For Bell, her favourite thing about coaching others is being able to watch her clients confidence build as they progress in their training. Her reason for why she gets up every day and comes to work, is the members, and the fact that she gets to watch them become stronger and fitter on their fitness journey.

Bell loves the intensity of Arena style coaching and will guaranteed make you work!


Cert  III and IV in fitness.
Punchfit Cert 2013
Les mills CX Worx Certified 2014
Level 1 kettle bell 2014
Bootcamp and kids bootcamp “motivate to train”
Les mills Sh’bam Aim 2
“Further your fitness” Boxing Cert 2016

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