Ben Kelleher

Ben is a 6 Time Champion across 3 different combat sports. He fights for Corporate Box Ipswich, Extreme Boxing Sunshine Coast & Arena. However, he wasn’t always a fighter, Ben started out as a Rugby Union player, but always had a love of fighting. He started kickboxing for fun and that’s where the passion overtook Rugby, and his career in fighting professionally started. Ben’s favourite MMA training style is kickboxing, and he loves the idea of bringing combat sports training to the masses in an un-intimidating way. Ben’s style of coaching is strict but fair, he loves to break things down to teach the really intricate details of fighting.

Before a fight, Ben prepares by keeping it simple with good wholesome foods, following a strength program and being in tune with his own body. If he knows he needs to be fitter he will work harder on his cardio, but spend a lot of time sparring. The best way to prepare for war, is war itself!

Ben is making a return to MMA in June 2017 at Main Event NITRO in Brisbane, so keep an eye out for him!


Cert III & IIII in Fitness

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