Our Professional Dancer, Coach Monique

Our Professional Dancer, Coach Monique

Last Updated: 6/11/16

Hey guys, I’m coach Mon.

Dancing + Fitness

I have been dancing since I was three. Now I have over 25 years of dance experience, of which I have been dancing professionally for almost 10 years.

To date, my biggest accomplishment in dance is the all female hip hop crew I was a part of. We were sent to Las Vegas to compete in a worldwide hip hop competition. To get that far we first had to win competitions in Brisbane and nationally in Australia. That was about 5 years ago.

Arena Fitness MMA Free Session

I have been a personal trainer for three years now and I started teaching group fitness classes about a year ago. I encourage my clients to maintain their weight loss so they can get in to good habits, especially when I’m not around. My clients tend to feel confident enough to train by themselves after they’ve trained with me.

Originally I got started with personal training because I’ve always been into a lot of different sports. Since I was three I was dancing and did every kind of different sport you could think of. I was very athletic in school sports and my parents started taking me to the gym when I was around 15 years old. After that I would make up circuits myself and train my friends. I’d just make up a workout and push them. When I decided to become a PT I just thought ‘why not’. I love everything that is involved.

My Interest in MMA

I’ve had an interest in fighting now for about 4 years, and I’m excited to have finally tackled the MMA scene. I love that you can push yourself harder and harder with each Arena class that you participate in. There are really no limits on what you can achieve.

Because I started dancing from a young age, I’m very agile and swift on my feet. I feel like this helped me a lot when I first started training in MMA. It felt natural. Picking up new combinations is almost like learning a dance routine, only with an edge to it!

When I completed my personal training course I also did a boxing course. They were so happy with me they wanted me to come in and coach at their kick boxing gym. I think it’s largely because of dancing, because you’re so agile. You’re on your feet, you’re constantly moving. There are so many different aspects of dancing I’ve done that have really helped with picking up the combinations.

You get a massive workout when you go to a class and whatever you put into it is what you get out of it.

I don’t plan to fight professionally at the moment because my main focus is on my professional dancing. I’m with three different dance troops.

Why I love Arena?

My favourite thing about coaching at Arena is seeing the members come back hungry to learn more and train harder each session. I like to make sure that everyone learns the correct technique before bringing out their inner bad-ass. We have killer workouts and a great time training, I’m loving it!

When I teach there’s a serious, yet fun vibe. It’s fun, but you’re still working really hard.

Doing the classes will improve members cardiovascular fitness, their coordination and their balance. In a way, a lot of females that come to the class learn self defense as well. I focus a lot of technique so that people get it, and they get more confidence.

Catch Mon’s classes every week at Carindale, click here for the timetable! 

Qualifications: Certificate 3 and 4 in exercise fitness, Boxing Certification, MMA Coaching Course Certification, Diploma of advance arts in dance and musical theatre.








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