Pick Your Poison! Find The Right Arena Classes For You

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Pick Your Poison! Find The Right Arena Classes For You

Don’t miss out on the amazing range of 100% coach-led Arena classes designed to challenge your body in different ways. Across these classes you can expect to see everything from boxing bags, gloves, and pads, to kettlebells, power bands, med balls and weights! Not sure which class is right for your current fitness level? Check out the full breakdown here.


High intensity! If you are new to Arena and are not sure where to start, The Drop is always a great option. Challenge yourself with a range of drop sets in this ultimate HIIT workout. Can you keep up the pace throughout all 3 sets? Finish it off with the Final Countdown, a paired finisher that has both the fighter and pad-holder working in tandem to achieve maximum results.


Speed, power and endurance! Suitable for all ability levels, Boxing Burn is definitely a class you want to get in on if you are new to the Arena community. Get your gloves out, get your wraps on, and get set to feel a full-bodied burn in this boxing inspired HIIT workout. Improve speed, power and endurance while learning some basic combos that will put you through your paces. Experience our infamous Circle of Death, an all out boxing blitz, to finish.


Get fit, fast! If you are looking to work your upper and lower body in an all-in-one body blast, look no further as you push yourself through a series of strength and cardio stations. Every 2 rounds, you get to partner up for a one-to-one combo session! Abdominals needing some love? Watch out for the Ab Builder finisher to fire up your core.


Plyometrics and agility! Put your core, strength and balance to the ultimate test as you move through a series of heart pumping plyometrics and agility exercises. Complete ninja runs between strength and conditioning rounds, and complete The Mountain for a final calorie burning blast.


HIIT! Sweat your way through a combination of ultimate strength and cardio stations, before getting ‘tapped out’ by your coach who will put you to the test on the Thai Pads. Watch out for the Tabata challenge which will ensure that you are burning calories for the rest of the day!


Test your fitness! Want to up the ante on your functional training? Max your heart rate as you push yourself through the labyrinth of functional, strength and cardio stations. Just when you thought the hardest was behind you, get set for a series of rep challenges to put your fitness to the ultimate test.


Mix it up! This workout fuses the best of ‘Tap Out’ and ‘Boxing Burn’ for the ultimate MMA and boxing-inspired workout. Complete a challenging session of functional, cardio and strength training before getting ‘tapped out’ by the coach and put through your paces with a full upper and lower body workout. Just when you thought it was over, you step out of MMA and into boxing for the Circle of Death!


Calorie Burner! A more challenging session means even more reward. The perfect combination of cardio, strength and functional training – Casino Royale is like the royal flush of fitness. you will burn calories while increasing fitness, and just when you think you can’t work any harder, you hit the jackpot round!


The big one! One of the most intense classes in Arena, Gauntlet will lead you through a punishing but rewarding circuit of 20 stations and 10 Gauntlet rounds. Count your reps and work your way up the leaderboard. Can you make it through Gauntlet? Put your strength and ability to the test in a challenging and thrilling series of rounds!

For more information on Arena classes, enquire in club or contact us at info@arenafitnessmma.com.au