Training Basics for MMA Beginners

Training Basics for MMA Beginners

MMA (mixed martial arts) is a combat sport which has become hugely popular in the fighting sport world. MMA has its own principles and rules to help beginners learn the practice easily. Here are some easy steps to help beginners become fighting fit and mentally ready.

1. Learn in a suitable environment
The best environment to learn MMA is with certified and experienced coaches in a controlled area. Any of our Arena MMA Fitness locations would be great for this.

2. Find a training partner
If you have a friend or make a friend with someone in the class, this is a great way to push and motivate yourself, especially if you both have the same goals and willingness to learn. You can practice your techniques and sparring on each other once you become more confident.

3. Concentrate on endurance
Ensure you have plenty of rest; feeling fresh can help anyone go the distance, Eat right; when it comes to exercise nutrition, carbs are key. For extended cardio sessions consume 30-60 grams of carbs every hour depending body weight. Practice HIIT training; less really is more. High intensity interval training can help improve endurance in conjunction with traditional training. Add strength training; variation is important when it comes to endurance training so include some resistance and weighted aerobic training to help improve stamina. Train smart; A great way to build endurance is to slowly and steadily increase mileage and speed

4. Improve your strength
Strength is important to create force and strong movements in MMA. Incorporate weights into your workout routine, starting with a lightweight until you are strong enough to lift heavy. Then start to incorporate weights into body movements like squats, bench presses etc.

5. Practice drills
Start practicing on drills to improve strength and muscle. Drills can be a mix of the following:

– Stair sprints
– Body surfing (grappling)
– Cross jumps
– Shadow boxing
– Skipping rope

6. Practice Sparring
Try different combinations, be agile, walk around component after each combination, practice a good stance and don’t forget to breathe!

7. Prepare your body for change
Ensure your body is ready to undergo the training and impact of MMA. Let your coach know about your current health status and any known limitations.

8. Eat the right foods
It’s important to maintain a healthy diet to support and fuel your active body. By preparing your meals weekly, you will be setting yourself up to eat healthy meals all week long. Incorporate lots of vegetables, nuts, fruits, lean meats & plenty of water.